One of the principles of Little League Football is that we do not charge the children for playing. This is because we do not wish to turn away any boy or girl whose parents are unable or unwilling to pay.

We do ask parents to pay a modest voluntary membership fee, in the knowledge that their child will be treated exactly the same, whether they pay or not. But we must look to various fund raising activities to raise the balance of the money we need to pay for kit and equipment, insurance premiums, pitch fees, trophies etc.

Supporters are asked to consider sponsoring a team, or perhaps the Cup competition, or the League as a whole. There are no set sums - they will naturally vary according to the pockets and the discretion of the Sponsor. Amounts as little as £25 would be very welcome to sponsor a match ball. Team sponsorship can vary from, say, £40 to £100.

If you or perhaps your company would like to consider helping the children in this way, please contact your local Little League or get in touch through our Contact page.